Online Colour Psychology Certification Workshops To Help You Achieve Your Self Development Goals

Online Colour Psychology Certification Workshops To Help You Achieve Your Self Development Goals

Colour psychology is a fascinating field that seeks to understand how colour impacts human emotions, behaviour and perceptions. The science of colour psychology can be used by individuals to help with self development and personal goals, or used by professionals to excel in a wide range of industries including luxury brand marketing, consumer experience, interior design and more. Anyone entering these industries can benefit greatly from an online colour psychology certification, to help them leverage the power of colour psychology!

TGF Colour Consultancy offers a Colour Psychology Certification Program, hosted by leading Emirati colour consultant Fatima Al Shirawi. Successfully combining colour science and psychology, Fatima supports individuals and professionals in the UAE, GCC and worldwide to achieve their goals and develop their sense of self. 

Here’s what you can expect from our Colour Psychology Certification workshop:

1. What are the key takeaways? 

This online and in person workshop can help participants gain a deeper understanding of colour psychology, its principles, and applications in different contexts. It equips you with practical tools and techniques to apply colour psychology to your work and personal lives. There are a number of concepts and theories that you will begin to understand – from colour affect theory to personality theory. This can then be applied to real-world scenarios, giving you key insights into the role that colour plays in branding, design, communication and retail settings. Ultimately, this knowledge enables you to increase productivity, motivation and mental health in yourself and in corporate teams.

Simply put, you will have a complete understanding of colour psychology and its use in all aspects of life – both personally and professionally. Individuals who are looking to get into self-development, luxury brand marketing, interior design and consumer experience will especially benefit from colour theory as the principles are highly relevant to the challenges faced in these fields. Personally, you can expect to understand your strengths and weaknesses better, as well as how to connect with others in a positive, authentic manner. Professionally, you can expect to understand how to improve productivity, revenue conversion and people management.

2. What are the benefits of working with Fatima Al Shirawi?

As the founder of TGF Colour Consultancy, Fatima has a long, impressive background of combining colour science with psychology. She values empowering and educating people in becoming their best selves both personally and professionally. Fatima will support you in your self-development journey in learning more about colour psychology and how to apply this to your craft.

Since its conception in 2008, TGF Colour Consultancy and Fatima have helped a variety of individuals and businesses grow into high performers. With a portfolio of incredible organisations in the UAE, GCC and worldwide, you know you are in the right place!

3. Is this workshop flexible enough for me? 

Our colour psychology certification workshop is exceptionally flexible, with options to either attend a face to face workshop, or complete the course online. There are several evening sessions to choose from throughout the year, which means that busy individuals and professionals looking to advance their education and improve their skills can do so while balancing work and personal commitments. TGF Colour Consultancy has made it easy for you to unlock and leverage the power of colour psychology.

The next available slot for the Colour Psychology Certification Program is Monday 22nd May 2023 at 19:00 Gulf Standard Time, with in-person program dates to also be announced soon – 
learn more about our program and make your booking today. If you have any questions on whether the course is right for you, contact us or book a free strategy consultation on our website.