Fatima Al Shirawi

What is The Gracious F?

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The Gracious F

The Gracious F is the leading Aesthetics Consultant in the Middle East, established with a vision to assist both individuals and corporates in achieving their goals, and fulfilling their objectives.

The Gracious F advises individuals through different aspects on a personal level starting with Colour Consulting, personal  Styling and Feng Shui of their homes and personal space.
On the Corporate level, The Gracious F uses its expertise across the aesthetics scope in assisting companies with their branding and corporate identities, in addition to advising them on their corporate and retail space, by implementing modern interior design strategies enhanced by Feng Shui.

Established in 2008, The Gracious F has assisted a variety of businesses and individuals with its niche specialisation. The Gracious F has established itself as a leading global player in this space by successfully collaborating with international and local entities.

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