Colour Theory Certification Program

Who is it for?

For individuals and professionals looking to enter into the field of color psychology with a specialization in self-development, luxury brand marketing, and consumer experience and interior design.

Key take aways from the course?

  • The principles of color psychology, the effects of color on our behavior, color affect theory, and color personality.
  • Application on branding, design, and communication.
  • Retail conversion of sightseers to purchasers.
  • Increase productivity and motivation in corporations.
  • Influencing the mental health of personal and corporate space through interior and color psychology.

What to expect and outcomes of this course?

  • Complete understanding of color psychology and its use in all aspects of life.
  • A clear understanding of your strength and weakness with a bounce of excellent communication skills.
  • Professional people management skills.
  • Increased productivity and revenue conversion skills.
  • The skill to connect and influence people in a positive and authentic manner.

Online group sessions will be available to book for international clients at the below dates and times in 2023:

20-24 February 2023, from 7-10 pm

22-26 May 2023, from 7-10 pm

23-27 October 2023, from 7-10 pm

Please book at one of the available time slots available below.

*Please note: additional charges for starter color kit applies which includes standard-sized drape, drape case, cover cape and small color wheel.

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