Workshop description

Who is it for?
  • - A personal development program for individuals and professionals looking to enter into the field of colour psychology with a specialization in self-development, luxury brand marketing, and consumer experience and interior design.

Key take aways from the course?
  • The principles of color psychology, the effects of color on our behavior, color affect theory, and color personality.
  • Application on branding, design, and communication.
  • Retail conversion of sightseers to purchasers.
  • Increase productivity and motivation in corporations through team development.
  • Influencing the mental health of personal and corporate space through interior and color psychology.

What to expect and outcomes of this course?
  • Complete understanding of color psychology and its use in all aspects of life self development coaching.
  • A clear understanding of your strength and weakness with a bounce of excellent communication skills..
  • Professional people management skills.
  • The skill to connect and influence people in a positive and authentic manner.
  • Increased productivity and revenue conversion skills.

When is the next course taking place?
  • Between 1st and 29th of July 2024, Monday to Thursday at 7-9pm each day. The course will be online and cost to book your seat is AED 5000. Installment options are also available via Tabby.

For inquiries and bookings, please make an inquiry on this page or contact us via email at

Colour Theory Certification Course



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