How Sales Matrix Training & Colour Psychology Help You Succeed

How Sales Matrix Training & Colour Psychology Help You Succeed

When it comes to your customer’s buying experience, colour psychology plays a pivotal role. Sales teams can make use of colour theory to customise the experience based on the customer’s priorities. Accurately determining and actioning colour personalities also allows team members to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as those of others. In TGF Colour Consultancy’s Sales Matrix Training Program, leading colour consultant Fatima Al Shirawi identifies the key points on how colour affects mood and behaviour, grows team development and helps to reach revenue goals. Keep reading to discover more about colour personalities and how your sales team can benefit from the science of colour. 

How Colour Psychology Aids Growth And Productivity In Sales

The Colour Affects Theory by Angela Wright describes colour personalities that are formed from a set of patterns reflected in human behaviour. These patterns describe the effect of an individual colour on our mood and behaviour. By changing your environment and the colours that you wear, you can identify the colours that enhance your productivity, motivation and performance and those that don’t. These behaviour patterns also indicate customer preferences, where they originate from and how to cater to these needs when making a sale. 

How Colour Psychology Can Help Your Sales Team Connect With Customers

As already mentioned, the patterns of human behaviour and individual preferences in colour psychology are referred to as a colour personality or ‘light’. It is important for a sales team to understand these colour theory preferences and relate them to the customer’s lifestyle. A sales team can also support each other in selling by knowing when and where they can apply their strengths. For example, if a customer presents as a Fire Light colour personality, a sales team member who is well travelled or very interested in different cultures will be able to focus on the customers’ priorities more easily when it comes to a product. By teaching your sales team how to identify different colour personalities effectively you are simultaneously teaching them how to identify other team members who can assist with prioritisation for the customer. Click here to read more about what each colour represents.

How colour symbolism can help to sell to customers through branding

Colour psychology varies in different industries and there is a lot that is being intentionally communicated through colour. The fashion industry tends to have a predominant colour of black which has a sense of eliteness, authority and elegance. The automobile industry has a predominant colour of grey due to culture and the association of cars with metal and the colour grey. Valentine’s Day has a strong disposition to red because it symbolises love but there are actually 3 colours that represent love (pink, green and red). Red drives urgency and symbolises that whatever is being sold is needed immediately. These dominant colours symbolise character and personality traits that the customer may prioritise. 

Introduce Your Sales Team To Leading Colour Consultant, Fatima Alshirawi 

To learn more about how colour psychology can help your sales team thrive and drive revenue, the Sales Matrix Training Program is a great tool to propel your team to integrate colour psychology into practice fully. This course is taught by leading colour consultant, Fatima Alshirawi. Book your free strategy call today. Fatima empowers people and organisations to reach their desired goals through the power of colour and hosts regular corporate events and workshops to support teams in their strategic plans.