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This consultation is to give individuals and companies the ease to book initial meetings to further discuss their needs and based on general consultation we can suggest & create ideal packages for them.

AED 500 excl. VAT

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Individual Colour Solutions

Individual Color Consultancy provides you with the full spectrum of elements that suit your personality for every occasion. It helps you understand who you are and what you want to achieve in life.

AED 850 excl. VAT

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Personal Development Consultation – Package

Learn how to enhance your personal development through colour science. Learn about the colors that: Help treat anxiety & depression Control certain situations Support positive communication.

AED 1,000 excl. VAT

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Grow Into Your Best Self – Package

Combination of Individual colour session and personal development, Helps treat anxiety & depression, control certain situations and learn positive communication through colour science.

AED 1,800 excl. VAT

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Balance Your Environment – Package

Add To your interior design elements of COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY by adding positive energy within your space. Use colour science to improve your personal or workspace.

AED 1,500 excl. VAT

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Empower Your Life – Full Package

Get full spectrum of Lifestyle color services, improve your life and surroundings with individual color kit, personal development, and interior solutions all within on package.

AED 2,500 excl. VAT