Objects by The Gracious F

The Gracious F

Zen Green
Rose Pink
Serenity Blue
Peach Echo
Acura Dark Blue
The Gracious F proudly introduces unique furniture pieces as part of its furniture and lifestyle elements.

Showcase this 4-piece multi-functional art object in your home, it is available at The Gracious F now.

Every edition is designed with a set of colours to represent the different colour groups and personality types. This object tells your story, represents your personality and your unique colour scheme. It also brings out your innovative side as it can be laid out in a number of ways. You can use it as a shelf, coffee table, side tables, t.v. stand or a work station.

With a variety of colours offered in each season you will be one of the few to own  these colours as each edition has a limited number of pieces.


Type: Furniture