Mental Health Talks & Workshops for Government Groups

Great leadership starts with team development and learning to communicate your goals. In the past few years, mental health has taken a front seat in everyone’s lives. With changing work lifestyles to social and economic effects. In this program, our primary goal is to use colour psychology to develop your teams and guide your companies, brands or government entities to grow.

– What do we know about our strengths and weakness as a team?
– How have we been impacted as individuals and as a group by the global changes?
– Learning the color effects theory and the 4 color personalities
– Applying colour personalities to balance our energy as a communication tools, generating development and growth as a group.

Packages offered:
– Dubai: AED 4,500 for 1 hour session
– Abu Dhabi: AED 7,500 for 1 hour session
– GCC countries: AED 15,000 for 1 hour session
– International: AED 30,000 for 1 hour session

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