Colour Consulting

Colour has a profound effect on human behaviour. At the Gracious F we specialise in colour consultation, through our in-depth experience with colour psychology. We start by placing each person in one of four different colour groups, the set of hues that come with each group creates a unique profile for each person.

It is a scientific fact that  each colour generates a unique wave, that influences an individual’s mood and energy thus affecting people’s interaction with that person.

Discover your unique palette of colours and hues through a colour consultation session with us and use the energy of colours to compliment your style and enhance your personal appeal.

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Fatima combines her creativity along with her experience in colour psychology to help clients enhance their styles, taking into account their personal preferences and cultural values.

Styling encompasses all the profile elements from hair and makeup to undergarments. Our approach to styling at the Gracious F is personalised to the extent, lifestyle and character are taken into consideration when creating a variety of looks that suit every occasion for each of our clients.

Enhance your style through a private consultation with Fatima by knowing yourself better and using your areas of strength.

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Feng Shui

One of the oldest philosophies of our time, Feng Shui is practiced worldwide. It is a system of laws used to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi). These laws are incorporated into the design and organisation of space, be it home or office space. Feng Shui creates the optimum balanced environment. Fatima uses her in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui to release the flow of energy to create favourable surroundings.

Turn your home or office into a calmer and peaceful space, that leads to relaxation and productivity respectively. A Feng Shui Consultation with the Gracious F is the key to turning any space to a harmonious one.

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This unique combination of creativity, knowledge of colour and Feng shui are the key drivers behind our Interior Consultation services. Be it for the home or office space, Interior design consultation maximises the potential of every space. Office space has to have a good flow of energy to maximise productivity, different areas of the house are designed in a manner to promote wellness and happiness hence creating the optimal home.

Learn more about how your office and home should look and feel like, by using our interior consultation.

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