Hublot Lady Dubai:

The Gracious F successfully collaborated with Hublot, the renowned luxury Swiss watch maker . The start of the collaboration between the two entities, was to introduce the  "Lady Dubai" watch edition, exclusive to the Middle East. The launch was in 2016, at the Four Seasons Dubai. 

Being the leading Aesthetics and Lifestyle consultant in the Middle East, Fatima AlShirawi- Founder of The Gracious F spoke extensively about how the colours that constructed the “Lady Dubai” watch were carefully selected for its clients from the region. 

The design, craftsmanship, selection of precious stones of the watch were engineered to match the profile of the Middle Eastern clients. The “Lady Dubai” masterpiece was designed to compliment the femininity and classy lifestyle of women in the Middle East.


Clinique’s Aromatic White perfume was launched as part of a successful collaboration with The Gracious F in 2015.  As the perfume’s name suggests, the theme of the event solely exhibited the different aspects relating to the colour White.  White is part of the Dream Light Colour Group, one of the four Colour Group categories, hence all the characteristics pertaining to this colour where showcased in the event including the target personality that this fragrance suits best.

The event was insightful as it detailed the unique traits of women who would wear such a  fragrance.  


Our collaboration with Vhernier, the renowned Italian jewellery maker started when the brand first established its presence in Dubai.

This high end luxury jeweller had to be placed in the in the upper level of the jewellery market.

Given that clients of the luxury market are known for their loyalty to the jewellers and the jewellery brands due to years of trade with them, our task was to make a lasting impression in their minds of this distinguished brand.

Our scope of work involved redesigning the display of jewellery items in the store in a manner to provide visibility to the pieces.The Gracious F analysed the pieces and grouped them by colours, then placed them in the correct light. 

The store’s showcase windows had all four colour groups that represent different nationalities in order to attract the widest range of clientele in the market. 

Using such an approach proved its effectiveness by increasing in-store traffic, henceforth sales. 

Workshop with Halah Kazim

Our first collaboration with Mrs Hala Kazim was in the form of a workshop named, ”Boundaries in your relationships".

The purpose of the workshop was to highlight the importance of setting boundaries in order to block negative influences which would consequently lead to empowering oneself. Boundaries are not set to limit the growth of ones’ success or interaction with the rest of the society, contrary to that, boundaries are built to define one’s personal space and right to self empowerment, personal growth in addition to clearly communicating with the surrounding circle.

The Gracious F’ highlighted the importance of colour in defining these boundaries  and how certain colours empower a person in that aspect. Using the right psychological technique, colours can be used as a mean of communication with ones’ circle. Colours influence people’s interaction with the person, hence attaining the personal space that is sought after, and achieving personal objectives.


As a newly established Wellness and Yoga centre in Dubai, we worked on enhancing the brand and the space simultaneously. The purpose of the collaboration was to enhance the space in a manner to attract people of  different nationalities. We started with developing the brand’s identity, by setting the colours that resembled founder, Amrit Chand, as this unique centre is a reflection of her passion. 

The Gracious F then proceeded with the interior consultation that involved colour and space design for the different areas of the centre and the spa. The centre was designed in a manner to allow the effective flow of energy to ensure peace and harmony. Every area of the centre was enhanced by a unique colour scheme that made it appealing for people of different nationalities.


Our work with ‘Duchess’ a locally established fashion label, founded by Yalina Ben Darai was in the styling and design space.

The Gracious F collaborated with Exquisite Events to design a Fashion Show for the brand’s 2014 Spring Collection. 

The inspiration behind the collection was French gardens in Spring time, the event’s theme followed this inspiration and furnished the indoor space as a french garden. The elegance of French royalty was delivered through the Fashion Show by showcasing designs inspired by Duchess glamour. The French garden theme created a unique experience for the guests. The Gracious F broadened its collaboration  through TV styling segments for the brand.

Demet Aziz Photography

Our collaboration with the creative photographer Demet Aziz, was on a personal level.  The innovative photographer realises the power of colour through his work, he also witnessed the effect of colours on him through a personal colour consultation. With his detail oriented eye and his background in psychology, his colour consultation with The Gracious F enhanced the use of colour in different areas of his life, from personal style to his home décor. 

Designer Empire

This successful local fashion brand based in Dubai approached The Gracious F to enhance their exhibition stands. 

The brand has a permanent boutique in Dubai, yet found it challenging to gain footfall in their exhibition stands. The stand was redesigned through the use of carefully selected colours, which attracted clients. The goods were displayed under the appropriate lighting and colour schemes which made the items visible and consequently enhanced the sales figures positively.

FN Design Gallery

We collaborated with this renowned Art Gallery based in Dubai, founded by the talented Sheikha Wafa Bint Hasher on rebranding the entity in addition to redesigning the gallery’s space.

Inline with our client’s creativity, we devised a creative solution to attract more art lovers to the gallery.

Apart from rebranding the entity, to match the founder’s colours we showcased samples of Sheikha Wafa’s art work in fashion, graphic design and paintings as part of a popup shop.

The popup concept directed traffic to the gallery that had a lively feel to it due to the murals, a concept that was introduced as part of the rebranding effort.

The revamp enhanced the gallery’s popularity in the art scene which generated more footfall, and created an interesting space for events, exhibitions and artists.

Fashion Forward Season 4

The Gracious F participated in Fashion Forward 2015  by holding a number of informative sessions about colour psychology and the importance of colour. These sessions were held at our stand throughout the season.


As part of a movers event organised by Crate & Barrel, The Gracious F introduced the basic concepts of Feng Shui and the importance of colour as part of the décor. Implementing such concepts ensures a better use of space to promote wellness and peace at home.

Association of Professional Interior Designers

The Gracious F held a seminar in collaboration with APID to highlight the importance of colour, in addition to using colour in understanding client profiles and needs. The aim of the seminar was to assist interior designers in interacting with clients constructively.