Corporate Services

The Gracious F Lifestyle is dedicated to improving an individual’s life through color science. Services include individual color sessions, self-development coaching, and Interior color solutions.


Identifying your strength and trading your weaknesses
Balancing your mood and behavior
Communication skills
Emotional intelligence
Balancing your environment
Creating a unique personal brand

Branding 101 Package

Discover your brand and individual colour personality and how learn to use your individual and brand report to enhance your business. Learn to implement tools that can help you effectively communicate with your target audience. Colour science is the most powerful tool in today’s digital environment.

DISCOUNTED RATE AED 4,000 excl. VAT ( instead of AED 5,000)

Events & PR

Create a unique campaign and experience for your target audience with the support of color science. Each project and campaign is unique and tailor-made to achieve client goals.

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Private: Interior Design

80% of our unconscious mind is influenced by colour. The colours you surround yourself with are a continuation of the journey of colour theory in establishing balance in your space.

Package includes: (Duration: 3 sessions)
Session 1: Personality Assessment
Session 2: Colour Session
Session 3; Interior Colour Application and 3D Design Report

Price is AED 1650 excluding VAT
Site visit is AED 500 per hour


“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” Coco Chanel. Share your colourful experience with Color with your loved ones. Our colour sessions gifts are valid for one year from your purchase.